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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pure Insanity: The Sudden Change in NYC School Chancellor

Courtesy of NY Times/Seth Wenig
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

By now, everyone has heard about the sudden resignation of litigator-turn-NYC School Chancellor, Joel Klein, and his surprised replacement, Hearst Publishing executive, Cathie Black. So, basically, another non-educator will take over the helm and continue the havoc that Klein started, with the assistance of his now former voice, Dictator Mayor Micheal Bloomberg. This morning, the NY Times initiated a "Room for Debate" segment on who is qualified for this job. Really! What was the point of this piece? According to Bloomberg, who cares; he is the boss and he can hired whomever he wants, even if that person is obviously not qualified for the job.

In addition to yesterday's protest in London, today's episode of Democracy Now! also discussed the sudden exodus of Klein and his tenure as NYC School Chancellor:

By now, praises, criticisms, and "shock waves" have flooded the internet since this story broke two days ago. Nevertheless, thanks to Failing Schools recent blog entry, below is a YouTube clip showing how NYC constituents really feel about the legacy of tyranny, corruption, and failure that Joel Klein leaves behind:

Let us hope and pray for the children of NYC...*sigh*

UPDATE: After weeks of public outcry and concession for a "no.2 educator position", the state education commissioner granted the waiver for Black to become the next NYC School Chancellor. God help us...

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