The purpose of this blog is to know and understand the teacher's perspective concerning current issues on education reform and the teaching profession. Inputs from the ones who probably knows what is best for students academically -- the teachers -- are rarely considered in decision making of policies. Yet, these so-called education experts and lawmakers dictate how we do our jobs and what we should teach. That's not right!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of the Road...

While most folks are preparing for Christmas gifts giving, family gatherings, and other types of celebratory activities, I will be preparing for something anticipated return to the classroom. Yes, I was hired as a teacher last week!

Starting January 4, 2011, I will be teaching four classes of 6th-grade science and one class of 7th-grade social studies at a public middle school in my hometown of suburban New Orleans. During the next week and a half, I will be preparing to move back to New Orleans and return to the school district where I graduated from and started my teaching career.  While I have taught at a middle/junior high school before, I never taught sixth-graders or social studies. However, due to these economic times, I am grateful for another chance. So, here I go...

I won't say this will be my last blog entry; but I know it will be a long while before I write another blog entry again. Adapting to a new school, new curriculum, new subject matters, and new students will be time-consuming tasks. Plus, I will try to finish my Specialist degree, too. Whew! I already feel a bit overwhelmed; yet I have been here before. In addition, I will have support from my family and long-time friends at home.

Lastly, what I hope the most is that I will be able to rekindle the passion for teaching I once had. I don't know what I will be walking into, but I believe in divine intervention. The circumstances behind me getting this new job are short on luck. I was destined to have this job. Why? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, I am nervous yet excited in my future prospects and blessings.

Despite the public on slaughter we public educators have and will continue to face, I am hopeful we will continue to do the great, noble work we were called to do. Teaching is a tough job; yet somebody has to do it. It's not a quick-fix, stepping stone; it's a calling! It's a profession that I am still passionate about. Now, it is time for me to put that passion back to work. Perhaps, one thing we all need to remember is we are here for the children we serve. Not saying we should be treated as doormats, but our primary job is to educate and prepare our students for the future ahead. We can't do this alone; yet we can and must always strive to do our part the best way possible.

So on that note, I am out of here...Happy Holidays to you all. Good-bye 2010! This year was a learning experience I will never forget. Hello 2011! Peace!

I dedicate this entry to my good friend, Mr. Tyraun Washington, who inspired me to understand what my passion is and to write about it. I am forever grateful. Thank you for your inspiration and unconditional support.

PS --> By the way, I will strive to stay abreast on the happenings in the ed reform debate; plus, I will plan to attend the Save Our Schools: March and National Call to Action conference in July 28-31, 2011. Also, I plan to become a dues-paying member in the local teachers union as well.


  1. You are going to be missed, your blog is amazing...

  2. As a parent I have enjoyed reading your blogs from a teachers viewpoint. Good luck in your new job, I am sure you will make a difference.

  3. Thank you for the compliments and support. Happy holidays.