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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking News -- Rhee resigns!

Last month, when I profiled Michelle Rhee, I insisted that she was incompetent as superintendent of a major urban district due to her hypocrisy and brash tactics of alienating the village. To no surprise, effectively today, Ms. Rhee has resigned as Chancellor of DC Public Schools. Here is she making her announcement with her former boss, exiting Mayor Adrien Fenty; presumptive mayor, City Council Chairman Vincent Gray; and her successor, Deputy Chancellor Kaya Henderson. In addition, her resignation has sparked mixed reviews from DC citizens.

Ms. Henderson will become the Interim Chancellor of DC Public Schools; it is expected that her post will become permanent once Gray is sworn into office. Based on her official biography, her involvement with Teach For America doesn't sit well with me at all. However, for the sake of the children, I hope she has learned from the failures of her predecessor in working with the village to raise and educate a child, not belittled or alienated them.

Ms. Kaya Henderson,

We will be watching YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

and you too, Ms. Michelle Rhee...'cause I have a feeling that you will cause havoc elsewhere real soon.

UPDATE: Rhee was recently offer a job as the state school chief of New Jersey. However, it's neighbor, New York -- according to some, prefer that she stays far, far away....:). More recently, slated to be the next state education commission in Florida, she will be serving on the transition team in education for the incoming Governor-elect Rick Scott.

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